Coconut bowls from Nuku Hiva Island_Marquesas
Coconut bowls from Nuku Hiva Island
Coconut bowls_four sizes_Cannibal Art
Coconut bowls_Cannibal art
Sustainable and eco friendly coconut bowls from French Polynesia

Coconut bowls (Ipu ehi)

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Sustainable and eco-friendly, coconut bowls handcrafted on the island of Nuku Hiva. Variety of sizes, from small to large in brown and white color (all-natural coconuts). 

Available sizes as seen in the photos:
Large, medium, small, wide&shallow

Every coconut bowl is unique with its own shape, colors, and markings.

Large: $15 
Medium: $12
Small: $10 
Shallow & wide: $10

Contact us for any special custom size/color bundles at

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