Tiki Niho (Tiki's tooth)

Tiki Niho (Tiki's tooth)

This striking piece of jewelry combines Tiki as the fundamental design element in Marquesan culture with the teeth of a wild boar that are considered a valuable possession throughout its rich history.

The placement of the teeth around the neck is considered paramount in protecting the most vulnerable part of the body from injury and it combines the properties of both an amulet and a talisman into one piece.

Tiki, on the other hand, represents deified ancestors or sometimes gods. Tiki also means creativity, fertility, and abundance. There is some uncertainty as to whether Tiki is a god or a human being; he is often regarded as both. It symbolizes the protection against dangerous threats.

Tiki Niho was hand-carved out of oceania rosewood from the Marquesan Island of Nuku Hiva and it comes with an elegant, adjustable black line.

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