Marquesan talisman_wood carvings
Marquesan talisman_wood carvings
Marquesan talisman_wood carvings

Hei Niho (Tooth necklace)

Besides looking edgy and strong, Hei Niho plays a role in both physical and spiritual protection. It mimics the tooth of a wild boar that’s considered a valuable possession in Marquesan culture and it’s adorned with the centuries-old traditional symbols. Hei Niho in the Marquesan language translates into a tooth necklace.

The placement of jewelry around the neck is considered paramount in protecting the most vulnerable part of the body from injury and it combines the properties of both an amulet and a talisman into one piece.

This pendant was hand-carved in oceanic rosewood on the South Pacific island of Nuku Hiva and it comes with an elegant, adjustable black line.

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