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Worldwide delivery from Nuku Hiva Island to you
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Hakaui adventure with Tangy and Ana

Hakaui adventure with Tangy and Ana


The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams. The 2nd biggest adventure is to come with us to Hakaui. 🤩 

Are you ready? 


Breathtaking, remote and mysterious, Hakaui Valley with its ancient village and the highest waterfall in French Polynesia is considered to be one of the most beautiful spots in the Marquesas Archipelago soon to be inscribed to the UNESCO World Heritage List.       

Hakaui is often referred to as “The Kings Valley” as the land belonged to the last king and queen of Nuku Hiva Island. Today, the valley is home to their great-grandchildren and Tangy happens to be one of them.

Tangy has been living in Hakaui for 20 years and together with his family protected it to look the way it looks today – natural, clean, and absolutely stunning with colorful fruits hanging off of every tree. It’s the place where he has learned the art of carving from his father and has taught Ana many traditional skills to live a beautiful life in sync with nature in the valley without any shops or modern infrastructure.

This amazing valley is only accessible on foot or by boat. The landscape is powerful and everywhere you look the beauty of the scenery is captivating! As we leave the town of Taiohae, you’ll catch your first glimpse of its sheer peaks and lofty cliffs that run down to the royal-blue ocean. The hike will feel like you've changed several different tropical zones before reaching Hakaui... but we promise you, the magic is only starting! From bathing in a clean river, strolling around black volcanic beach, or snorkeling in the turquoise water of Hakatea Bay, our valley has it all. We will help you immerse yourself in the local culture, share with you local recipes and traditional dishes... but let's not forget the hike to a spectacular 350m waterfall "Vaipo" that's located at the end of our valley!

We're thrilled to meet you and share our home with you. 

Welcome to Hakaui!



  • 5h hiking over the mountain from Taiohae to Hakaui and back
  • 3 days camping in Hakaui (tents and a local wooden house in case of rain provided)
  • 1,5h hiking to Vaipo – the highest waterfall in French Polynesia (ticket included)
  • Local cuisine all 3 days (vegan options available)
  • Swimming in a clean river, black volcanic beach or white sand beach
  • Evening storytelling by the fire
  • Demonstration of local art and way of living:
- Making your own coconut milk
- Traditional carving/art demonstration
- Making a candle-light out of a nut "ama"
- Cooking a local dish
- Making a natural body and hair conditioner "paku eka"


Black volcanic beach in Hakaui


Adventure is available in English, French, Marquesan, and Croatian language.

Price: $150 per person ($50 per day)

Groups of min. 2 and max. 8 people


Additional services not included in the initial price:

  • Supervised snorkeling
  • Private photoshoot of your adventure
  • Local art and souvenirs available for purchase
  • The option of returning back to Taiohae by boat is available. Let us know in advance if you would like to have it organized.  


Helpful tips:

Take only what you can carry. You should be in good sports shape for hiking. Don't forget your water-bottle, hiking shoes, mosquito repellent, towel, sunscreen, and/or raincoat, travel and health insurance.

We usually hike with our pets (a horse, two dogs, and a cat), let us know in advance if you have allergies or any kind of problem with the animals. 


*It's possible to organize a boat ride and a sleepover in Hakaui without hiking over the mountain.
To book the adventure, call Tangy and Ana at (+689) 87 32 60 80 or e-mail at
See you soon!