Our story

Cannibal Art team
Cannibal Art team is made of Tangy and Ana, our two dogs, cat and a horse. We live, love and create amazing things together on the Marquesan island of Nuku Hiva in French Polynesia. Tangy was born on this island and he’s driven by a great responsibility to protect and promote his Marquesan culture that was banned for a long time by the missionaries. Tangy’s mastered his art of carving through watching his late father’s traditional techniques and practicing till he polished his talent to perfection. Nowadays, he makes both, modern designs - and ancestral Marquesan designs seen nowhere else on Earth.
Ana was born in Croatia, graduated from the university in the States and ran a small digital marketing company before she decided to make her childhood dream come true by hitchhiking from Croatia to French Polynesia - alone. During her second journey to Polynesia, when she hitchhiked a boat across the Pacific to write a book on the Marquesas islands – she met Tangy, and the rest is history. The story of their beginning was so unusual that she decided to change the ending of her book. Soon after, they got engaged and founded Cannibal Art to celebrate their love for the Marquesas islands and that very special culture. If you’re interested to find out the whole story, read Ana's book “What’s Wrong With You?” and everything you see on this website will make a lot more sense.
Thank you for being here with us and taking interest in a long-lost culture that's making a great comeback. We appreciate you!
Cannibal Art team_Ana and Tangy