Traditional Marquesan wooden bowl with the handles_turtle
Wooden Marquesan bowl kooka carved in oceanic rosewood from Nuku Hiva Island_Tiki
Wooden Marquesan bowl kooka with a turtle and tiki_from Nuku Hiva Island
Marquesan wooden sculpture_turtle
The eyes of a Marquesan Tiki_Nuku Hiva
Wooden Marquesan bowl_wooden sculpture

Kooka Poko Honu

Marquesan fruit bowl with handles - adorned with the turtles, the ancestral Marquesan motifs for protection, and the eyes of a Tiki.

Turtles (honu) carry a strong meaning in Polynesian culture. Like deified ancestors, turtles were believed to have the ability to cross between two worlds - mortal and immortal. Despite being slow in pace, this creature never gives up which signifies perseverance, endurance, and faithfulness – sometimes against incredible odds. It is also regarded as a mark of good luck and guidance.

The bowl was carved in oceanic rosewood from Hakaui Valley on Nuku Hiva Island. The artist's signature was carved into the bottom of the bowl. 

Size: 60cm (length) x 20cm (width) x 12cm (height)

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