Marquesan turtle (Honu) - Cannibal Art
Marquesan turtle (Honu) - Cannibal Art

Marquesan turtle (Honu)

Beautiful turtle carved in oceanic rosewood and adorned with the ancestral Marquesan motifs for protection. Turtles (honu) carry a strong meaning in Polynesian culture. Like deified ancestors, turtles were believed to have the ability to cross between two worlds - mortal and immortal. Despite being slow in pace, this creature never gives up which signifies perseverance, endurance, and faithfulness – sometimes against incredible odds. It is also regarded as a mark of good luck and guidance. This Marquesan turtle was carved on Nuku Hiva Island.

Size: 18cm (7.09in) in length x 15cm (5.9in) width

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