Carved Swordfish rostrum sword from the Marquesas Islands
Swordfish sculpture from the Marquesas Islands
Carved swordfish sculpture on a pedestal from the Marquises
The Marquesan swordfish and Tiki sculpture
Marquesan Tiki and swordfish sculpture on a pedestal

Swordfish rostrum on a Tiki pedestal

Beautifully carved swordfish rostrum. The rostrum is attached to the bone handle using a traditional coconut sennet cordage. The rostrum and the bone handle are adorned with the motifs of etua (divinity) and a Tiki for protection. The pedestal with two Tikis is made out of oceanic rosewood.

This special piece comes from Nuku Hiva Island and it is signed by the original artist. Dimensions: 79cm (spear length) x 16cm (height with a pedestal) x 5cm (width of a pedestal) For more information, contact us at

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