Questions and answers about Hakaui Adventure on Nuku Hiva Island


Is it possible to drive to Hakaui?

No, there is no road to Hakaui. The only two options are to hike with us from Taiohae (town) or to rent a boat.


Do I need to bring water with me to Hakaui?

If you are coming by boat, you don’t need to bring the water, because our valley has a very clean, natural source of water. You can refill your water bottle at our home as many times as you like.

If your starting point is Taiohae (town) and you're planning to hike with us 5h over the mountain to Hakaui ---> then the answer is yes, you need to bring your water for that hike. We recommend bringing at least 2 liters with you. But once you reach Hakaui, you don't need to worry about water anymore.


Do you take your guests all the way to the waterfall or only halfway to the viewpoint?

We take our guests all the way (inside) the waterfall if they sign our liability release form. 


Why is it dangerous to go inside the waterfall?

Vaipo waterfall is surrounded with cliffs, so there is a risk of falling rocks. That risk becomes higher during rain. 


Where is the start/meeting point for the guests who prefer to hike from Taiohae town to Hakaui?

The starting point is Paahatea beach - just below Pearl Lodge resort.


Where do I find a boat taxi if I don’t want to hike to Hakaui?

You can find the boat at the fishing port in Taiohae (town) near the fruit and veggies market. The boat usually leaves from the port at 8:00 a.m. and the ride takes about 30 min. (We will wait for your arrival on the beach in Hakaui.) The boat returns back to Taiohae in the afternoon at 16:00. It's important to book your place in advance.


Do I need to bring my sheets?

If you are camping with us, we will provide you with tents, 20cm high inflatable mattresses, clean sheets, pillows, and blankets. Please bring your towel and your personal toiletry bag. Our bathroom is equipped with shampoo, soap, and toilet paper at all times.


What kind of shoes do I need?

A pair of hiking (or running) shoes that are also good for water, because we will cross the river several times.


Are there many elevations in Hakaui or is the valley flat?

Hakaui has it all – depending on the package that you take.

1-day package (hike to the waterfall) – 3 to 4h of easy hiking, clean path, no challenging elevations.
2-day package (hike to the waterfall, cursed Tiki, banyan forest and Secret Valley) – more challenging hikes, no clear path, higher elevation
3-day package (hike to the waterfall, cursed Tiki, banyan forest, Secret Valley and Warrior’s checkpoint) – more challenging hikes, no clear path, higher elevation

***If you plan to reach Hakaui Valley by hiking with us from the town of Taiohae, be prepared for 5h of higher elevations and a challenging hike. 


Are there many mosquitos and sandflies?

During the wet season – yes.
During the dry season – not so many.
We recommend carrying an insect repellent with you.


What kind of clothes do I need?

Anything light that you feel comfortable hiking and swimming in. During a wet season, a raincoat comes in handy. The rain hardly ever last long, but you can get soaking wet in only a couple of minutes. The showers are short but strong. Light clothes with long pants and sleeves are helpful against insects.


Do I need to take my headlight?

Yes, it's helpful if you need to visit the bathroom at night.


Do you only camp on your property or all around the valley?

The camping site is next to our home in Hakaui village and all of our hikes start from there. We don’t camp around the valley.


What season is best to visit Hakaui?

Both seasons are beautiful but different and have their own pros and cons. The wet season (from April to September) – is VERY green, the waterfall is full of water, but there is no shortage of insects. Dry season (from October to March) – the valley remains green but not as much as during wet season, the waterfall dries out, but there are not many insects around and it hardly ever rains.


Does the waterfall ever get dry?

It does, during a dry season.


Is the boat ride to Hakaui included in the price?

It is not, because renting a boat is the service of a different company that operates independently. (We don’t take any commission for the boat ride.)


Why is the boat ride so expensive?

Boat ride is the service of another company, completely independent from Hakaui Adventure. Due to the price, we rather hike from Taiohae to Hakaui and take the boat only when absolutely necessary. The price of the boat ride is the same for the tourists and the locals. We don’t get special treatment.


Do you take only 1 person to Hakaui?

No, we take a minimum of two people.  


Can I bring my children?

Yes, you can. Hakaui is a very children-friendly valley, without cars or any kind of traffic. In case you are coming with young children, we strongly recommend taking a boat from Taiohae town because a 5-hour hike from Taiohae to Hakaui can be too challenging for children.


Do I pay the full price for my children?

No, you don’t. Depending on your children’s age and number, you can get a free pass or a discounted journey.


Can I hike from the town of Taiohae to the waterfall in Hakaui Valley and back over the mountain to Taiohae on the same day?

We don’t recommend that in order to prevent accidents and injuries, but it’s definitely possible for the guests who are in a professional, top-level sport shape. 


Can I go hunting with Tangy?

We don’t offer nor support hunting tourism. On your request, we can show you Tangy’s hunting TV documentary during your stay with us.


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To book the adventure, e-mail us at or call (+689) 87 32 60 80 If we don't answer, that means that we're already in Hakaui Valley without ANY signal and we can’t see your message nor answer your call until we're back in Taiohae. We will reply as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding.