Where is Nuku Hiva Island?

Nuku Hiva is a small island in the southern Pacific Ocean and part of French Polynesia. It is the biggest out of six inhabited islands in the Marquesas archipelago – which happens to be one of the most remote groups of islands in the world. The administrative capital of the whole archipelago is the town called Taiohae, that's also on Nuku Hiva.

Nuku HivaThe islands were named by the Spanish Álvaro de Mendaña, who approached them in 1595. He gave them this name in honor of the wife of his protector, the viceroy of Peru, García Hurtado De Mendoza, Marquis De Cañete. Our island is rich in culture, authenticity and strong life force that Marquesans call "mana".

 Close to 3000 people live on the island - Tangy and Ana included. :)

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