(PRINT) Book: What's Wrong With You? - Cannibal Art
(PRINT) Book: What's Wrong With You? - Cannibal Art
(PRINT) Book: What's Wrong With You? - Cannibal Art

(PRINT) Book: What's Wrong With You?

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After 5 years of hitchhiking twice from Croatia to French Polynesia, Ana has written a book about her experience.

In Editor's words:

It often happens that whatever people consider “wrong” with you is, in fact, your most peculiar trait, something that fuels your authenticity and inspires you to bring novelty into your life. Ana’s journey from a small European country all the way to the heart of the Pacific is a story about many things: a coming-of-age of a jaded businesswoman turning into a hardcore outdoor traveler; a collection of most unusual stories with Buddhist monks or Australian treasure hunters; and a diary-like handbook with practical advice for anyone planning on hitchhiking solo around the world. But most of all, it is a story about friendship – between a traveler and the world around her, ever-changing as she slowly progresses through 25 different countries, between a hitchhiker and the road that little by little becomes her home, and most importantly, between Ana and her own self, her inner being she’s getting to know better and growing to like more with each passing day of her five-year journey. With a little bit of magic provided by the universe, her story spirals through the reader, leaving behind lessons learned and the desire to trust this amazing world to provide a much-needed adventure for the human soul. You’ll find yourself asking: What’s stopping me from fulfilling my long-time dreams? In Ana’s words, as you will discover reading this book – you’re only as free as you allow yourself to be.

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